Time spent on data entry and admin is time not spent with customers or fee earning. Integrations are your key to automating repetitive tasks so you can focus on what you do best.

Unlocking Seamless Integrations

Survey Booker has a whole range of integrations to help you automate repetitive tasks throughout each job. This frees you up to focus on customers and fee earningWhether you’re aiming to increase sales through lead integrations, generate comprehensive reports, streamline payment processes, enhance communication with email, SMS and call integrations or manage accounting tasks effortlessly, Survey Booker has got you covered. 

Scroll down to learn more about how you can automate your workflows.

Lead Generation Integrations: Acquire Customers Effortlessly

Convert leads more easily with Survey Booker’s seamless lead generation integrations. Connect with new prospects, generate leads, and automate email communication for effective nurturing and conversion. 

  • Use our pre-built lead generation site feeds
  • Connect other lead sources via our API
  • Add a branded quote form to your website
Achieve seamless lead management by connecting PinLocal to your Survey Booker account. Experience the convenience of automated lead transfer, eliminating the need for manual data entry. As soon as new leads are generated in your PinLocal account, they will be instantly sent to your Survey Booker account. Moreover, leverage the power of welcome emails sent out promptly, round the clock, ensuring a higher conversion rate and keeping your leads engaged and nurtured.​
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Harness the power of Compare My Move to showcase your services. With Compare My Move, potential clients in your area(s) can effortlessly discover and connect with you. You can seamlessly feed these valuable leads directly into your Survey Booker account, ensuring a smooth transition from discovery to follow-up. Expand your customer base and maximise your lead conversion potential.​
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Survey Booker offers various prebuilt lead generation integrations so you can spend time speaking with new leads instead of entering data into systems. Connect sources such as RICS Find a Surveyor, reallymoving, PinLocal, Compare My Move, Local Building Surveyor and Local Surveyors Direct. You can also use our open API to integrate other lead sources you work with. Automatically add leads to your account, track and convert them effortlessly. Streamline your initial contact by sending automated welcome emails 24/7, lead nurture follow-ups, and set follow-up tasks.

Streamline your terms and payment process with automation​​

With just a click, you can send out pre-filled terms to your customers to e-sign, saving time and reducing errors. Once signed, they’re uploaded to your job record and you can offer convenient payment options from bank transfers to online payment gateways for quick and hassle-free transactions. 

Simplify contract signing with SignRequest, a trusted platform for secure digital e-signatures, helping to support a seamless, time-saving and fully compliant process.
Stripe empowers customers with effortless online payment options for quick and hassle-free transactions.
With Klarna, customers can pay in instalments or 30 days later, while you receive upfront and full payments for a seamless transaction experience.
Opayo is another leading payment processing integration partner, providing solutions for online, face-to-face, and telephone payments.
Worldpay, a widely recognised online payments service, is another seamless integration option we offer to process online payments effortlessly.

Slick Report Writing Software Integrations

Simplify your report writing process with Survey Booker’s super slick report-writing integrations! You can either use our pre-built integrations or connect any software using our report-writing API. On booking jobs, you can automatically set up reports for each surveyor ready to write on the correct template with booking data populated. Once ready, submit reports to your Survey Booker and out to your customer from within your report-writing app. Experience enhanced efficiency, data flows and convenience like never before.

Effortlessly streamline your data flow with GoReport's extensive library of pre-defined standard templates for residential and commercial survey work, including access to the RICS Home Survey Standard and other licensed standards.
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Seamlessly integrate any report writing software to keep it up-to-date with your job progress. When booking appointments, automatically create and prepare the job in your report writing software, complete with the right user assignment, scheduled date, and relevant template, along with essential job information from the booking process. Alternatively, you can post it manually, ensuring the same data flows into the system. Once your report is finalised, effortlessly post it back from your report writing app into Survey Booker, marking the job as completed and sending the customer the report. Rest assured, as the jobs in both systems are linked, there's no risk of mistakenly sending the wrong report to the wrong customer.

Enhance Communications: Email, SMS, and Calls.

Gain complete visibility into your customer communications. Automatically log emails and SMS messages sent and received from any email provider, ensuring accurate record-keeping. Initiate calls from your job page with a single click and identify the caller on incoming calls to enhance that personal touch. After each call, the system will automatically log all details, aiding with seamless record management. Spend more time connecting with customers and less time on logging interactions.

Email Integrations

Connect to any email provider and effortlessly send automated and manual emails to customers. Survey Booker conveniently logs all email replies to job records, providing valuable support for customer management and audit compliance. Access your entire communication history anytime, anywhere.

VoIP Call Integrations

Survey Booker offers a direct computer telephony integration (CTI) in conjunction with Mondago who power various telephony platforms. Contact us to find out if your VoIP provider is powered by them. Alternatively, our API allows you to connect your own VoIP provider. Initiate calls with a click and look up who’s calling on inbound calls. Easily log call notes helping to build the full picture of contacts made. Take control of your interactions like never before.


Introducing SMS via SMSGlobal. Enhance customer engagement by sending SMS and email messages. Research suggests that SMS has an incredible 96% open rate, making it an outstanding way to captivate customers and stand out from the crowd. Simply add credits, edit your templates and you’re ready to go!

Effortless Accounting Integrations with Survey Booker's Zapier Connection

Survey Booker’s robust integration with Zapier guarantees smooth synchronisation for payment management, invoice linking, payment notifications, automatic account updates, and a host of other features.

Seamlessly connect to leading accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero and many more. Survey Booker’s Zapier connection empowers you to effortlessly handle your finances with precision and organisation. Embrace the ease of automation, minimise errors and optimise your financial operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Unlock a plethora of business-enhancing integrations

Discover the wide range of supplementary integrations offered by Survey Booker, allowing you to effortlessly link diverse tools and services. These encompass integrations for accounting, calendars, analytics, and an array of other functionalities.

Connect over 5000 apps to your Survey Booker account using Zapier. This includes apps such as accounting software, calendars, newsletter software and much more so you can automate even more. Zapier offers free and paid plans.
By leveraging the power of Google Analytics, you can gain valuable insights into how your users are engaging with quote forms and accounts, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and enhance their overall experience.
Effortlessly integrate your Office 365: In addition to email integration, you can directly connect your Office 365 calendar to Survey Booker. Moreover, if you use other calendars, they can be easily connected through Zapier.
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