Time-Saving Features For Medium And Enterprise Businesses

Save time on admin and put your focus back on for fee earning and customers. Survey Booker’s robust suite of tools and features are engineered to reclaim your precious hours and improve the quality of your processes.

Save up to 85% on admin time with Survey Booker

Embrace boundless time for what truly counts. Unveil the capabilities of Survey Booker’s comprehensive collection of productivity-enhancing tools and features engineered to safeguard your priceless hours and improve the quality and compliance of your service. Our arsenal of resources encompasses adaptable quoting solutions, effortlessly seamless customer updates, immediate terms submissions, streamlined data entry, and integrations for effortless job management – all intricately orchestrated to reshape and elevate your work process and save time.

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Streamlined Quoting: Customised Solutions

Transform your quoting process using Survey Booker! Say farewell to mundane quoting and embrace personalised quoting solutions that go beyond expectations. Whether you favour lightning-fast instant quotes, detailed estimates, or manual quote creation, we’ve got you covered. Our platform effortlessly adjusts to perfectly match the distinctive demands of every job. Explore the future of quoting with Survey Booker and make proposals as unique as the jobs themselves.

Customer Updates: Effortless Customer Communication

Stay effortlessly connected with your customers using Survey Booker’s array of personalised automated email templates. Keep your clients informed throughout every project and survey phase, minimising time lost on routine updates or customers chasing information. This frees you up to invest more time in meaningful conversations that truly matter.

When a more tailored update is desired, Survey Booker allows you to craft your own manual templates for those moments when automatic updates aren’t quite the right fit. Tailor your templates before sending to deliver the exact experience you envision, enhancing your customer interactions.

Simple E-Terms Submission: Pre-populated and Auto Upload Facility

Ensure accurate expectations with ease. Generate compliant e-signed terms instantly by auto-filling essential data. Say goodbye to copying and pasting information and manually creating documents – now you can swiftly send out terms faster with a full audit trail, freeing up time for valuable lead interactions. Once signed, the terms seamlessly upload to your job record, accessible for download whenever needed.

Data Entry: Simplify and Streamline Administration with Integrations

Say goodbye to redundant data entry and manual administrative tasks. Our extensive integrations seamlessly connect systems like report writing, accounting software, calendars, and more, eliminating the need for double or triple data entry.

Unify your essential systems so that updates made in Survey Booker automatically update your systems saving time and reducing errors. No more manual invoice creation, calendar entries, report set-up or updating systems when changes are made. By eliminating unnecessary administrative work, you can channel your efforts into high-value tasks that truly matter.

Auto Sent Terms: Streamline Your Terms Sending Process with Automation

Experience the convenience of seamless online booking for your customers. Our system allows them to make reservations 24/7, without the need for you to manually review and send terms beforehand. Once your customers receive their quote, they can proceed to book online, sign the necessary terms, and make payments. Your role becomes straightforward – just follow the provided instructions and secure the booking. It’s a hassle-free way to streamline your booking process and provide your customers with a smooth, efficient experience.

Automated Lead Allocation: Amplify Your Opportunities

Accelerate your sales team’s response time with our automated lead allocation system. Bid farewell to lead distribution delays, as leads are assigned to team members automatically. Our lead allocation rules are tailored to distribute leads effectively based on criteria like job type, location, lead share, and rank.

This means that as soon as new leads come in, your sales team members are ready to hit the ground running. They can immediately begin following up with these fresh leads, ensuring that you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Explore our Array of Business-Boosting Features

Experience the power of Survey Booker’s comprehensive suite of time-saving tools and features. Each facet is meticulously designed to empower you with the resources you need to optimise your workflows, enhance customer interactions, and much more. Click through our business-boosting features below to learn more. 

Sales growth
Customer portal
Reporting and analytics
Time saving​
Web and mobile app

Survey Booker has enabled us to create a managed flow of leads from a range of different sources. This has in turn led to a lot less manual work for the team, and created a smoother customer journey. Our sales account managers now have more time for direct sales, and our customers are able to see updates in their customer portal without having to email or phone our team and wait for a response.

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