Compliance Features For Medium to Enterprise Level Businesses

Streamlined compliance for effortless customer engagement and revenue generation. Embrace automation to seamlessly manage compliance tasks across your team so they can focus on your customers and you can be confident all bases are covered.

Effortless Compliance for Your Business and Team

Experience seamless conformity and adherence to regulations through effortless processes. Our platform empowers you to access vital work-related data effortlessly in just a few clicks. Maintaining compliance has never been this intuitive. Our extensive range of features is meticulously crafted to uphold the highest record-keeping standards.

From e-signature management, call, message, and email logs to comprehensive job notes, document storage, customisable job fields, automated terms sending, and report upload blocking – we equip your business and team with a comprehensive toolkit for efficiently managing compliance-related administrative tasks. Your invaluable data is safeguarded and always within reach whenever you need it. Our platform is purpose-built to quick and convenient access for seamless audits and customer service reviews.

Explore the transformative capabilities of our compliance-boosting features below.

Effortless and Seamless E-Signed Terms: Consistent Signing Process Made Easy

Enhance customer communication and streamline processes by effortlessly sending terms with a single click. Experience the convenience of auto-populated fields, ensuring a swift, hassle-free and consistent process. Customers can conveniently sign from any device, while every signed document is seamlessly recorded onto the job record, providing a comprehensive and organised overview. Track the signature status and automatically chase up customers who’ve not yet signed. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficiency with E-Signed Terms.

Simplify contract signing with SignRequest, a trusted platform for secure and legally binding digital e-signatures, ensuring a seamless, time-saving and fully compliant process.
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Correspondence Logs: Comprehensive Communication Records

Keep a comprehensive record of all correspondence sent out by your team without lifting a finger. Whether it’s automated emails or manually crafted messages, every communication is systematically logged and linked to its respective job record, including customer responses. Additionally, you have the convenience of accessing sent and received SMS messages whenever you need.

This powerful feature not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also streamlines customer query handling. Say goodbye to tedious searches through inboxes or waiting for team members to return from vacation. With Correspondence Logging, you can efficiently access and review all interactions, enabling swift and informed responses to your valued customers.

Job Notes: Effortless Record-Keeping Made Simple.

Readily capture questions, customer requests, onsite notes, and job updates, all centralised in a single location. Instantly access your notes, whether on-site or addressing customer queries, ensuring no vital details are overlooked in the final report. Timestamp each entry to monitor progress and updates throughout the entire process. Foster team collaboration by allowing members to view and contribute their own notes, ensuring everyone stays informed. Notes can only be deleted by full admins ensuring they are kept safe at all times. Enhance your compliance efforts with our user-friendly note-taking solution.

Call Logs: Enhanced Customer Contact Tracking

Effortlessly document all communication touchpoints with your customers through our Call Logs feature. Whether you’re using our call integrations or manual entries, every interaction is recorded for your convenience. These logs seamlessly integrate into reporting statistics, empowering you to review team activity and performance effectively. Stay informed and organised with our efficient Call Logs, providing you with valuable insights into your customer interactions.

Document Management Made Easy: Securely Store Reports and Supporting Files.

Efficiently store reports and essential documents within each job record. Tailor document groups for customer visibility through their portal, allowing them to access pertinent information. You can also empower customers by enabling them to upload supporting files directly via their accounts on each job booked with you. Simplify your document management process and enhance collaboration with this user-friendly feature.

Custom Job Fields: Tailoring Data Collection for Your Services

Tailored Job Fields: Personalise job and property records with your own custom fields to gather essential information for your diverse range of services. Guarantee comprehensive data collection by creating custom fields that match your requirements, ensuring both you and your team capture all necessary information seamlessly.

Security And GDPR: Reinforcing Your Protection

Rest easy knowing that Survey Booker prioritises your security and GDPR compliance. Our ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest security standards at all times. This certification offers you the advantage of showcasing to both your customers and auditors that you have chosen a service provider dedicated to robust security measures. Furthermore, your data enjoys a secure home on our UK servers, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations. Trust Survey Booker to provide a robust and secure environment for your information.

Activity Logs: A Clear Timeline of Actions

Stay informed and in control with our Activity Logs feature. Easily access a transparent record of all updates made to job records, providing you with a comprehensive overview of actions taken and changes implemented by each user. This tool not only allows you to substantiate your actions and their timing but also empowers you to ensure that your team is performing as expected. With Activity Logs, transparency and accountability are at your fingertips.

Automated Terms: Effortless Compliance

Streamline customer interactions through automated delivery of terms during the booking process. Our system guarantees customers easy access to review your business terms. By removing the necessity for manual distribution, your team can focus on other vital aspects of the survey process. Elevate compliance and booking efficiency with this time-saving feature.

Report Upload Blocking: Prevent Oversights

Implementing a Report Upload Block allows you to inform customers about their report’s readiness while simultaneously controlling access. This feature restricts report access if any pending terms or payments are identified in the job record. Employ tools that ensure adherence to compliance protocols before permitting report access, mitigating the risk of unintended compliance issues.

Explore our Array of Business-Boosting Features

Survey Booker can help boost your business in a whole manner of ways. Check out the different sections below to learn more about how you can streamline your business.

I’d definitely recommend Survey Booker to others due to its scalability. It’s been able to grow as we’ve grown but also, it’s reasonably priced and even for a small firm of one person it would still make massive benefits.

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