Sales Growth And Lead Management For Individuals And Small Businesses

Drive sales and improve lead management effortlessly with Survey Booker’s powerful suite of tools. Our platform offers a range of solutions to optimise your sales operations and achieve success. 

Unleash Your Business' Sales Potential

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive suite of tools and features. Our powerful platform is specially designed to elevate your sales and optimise lead management, catering to businesses of all sizes. From increasing leads from your website traffic, lead generation integrations, and lead nurture facilities, to referral partner features and discount codes for customers or partners, we offer a multitude of tools to help you manage your pipeline in a consistent manner even when you’re busy.

Discover more about Survey Booker’s business boosting features below.

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Connect Your Website: Effortlessly Amplify Lead Generation

Elevate your online presence with a personalised quote form showcasing the range of services you provide. This enticing addition to your website will encourage inquiries from your web visitors. Each new lead seamlessly flows into your Survey Booker account, enabling you to send them a warm introductory email, nurturing the relationship until you can connect with them directly.

For larger firms: Take advantage of our API functionality to effortlessly post leads from your own website forms, streamlining the process and maximising efficiency.


Lead Integrations: Harness Leads from Top Generation Sites

Managing leads from various sources can be difficult to track and time-consuming. Streamline the process of adding leads from major lead generation sites directly into your account. As each lead flows in, an automatic email and SMS can be sent out helping to engage each customer and set expectations about your next steps. Provide comprehensive information about your services at any time of day along with a booking link to inspire your potential customers to take action or to maintain engagement until you can personally follow up.

Scheduled Follow-ups: Lead Nurturing Done Right

Unlock the power of easy lead nurturing to maximise lead conversion and boost sales. We understand that not every lead is immediately ready to commit. Following up with older leads is difficult when you’re busy speaking with new leads that have come in. That’s why our platform offers automated email and SMS templates, enabling you to effortlessly follow up with leads and drive them towards sales conversion.

Statistics show that businesses that consistently and actively follow up with their older leads experience a significant boost in conversion rates and maximise the value of the leads they have generated. 


Email integrations

Connect any email provider and effortlessly send automated and manual emails to customers. Survey Booker conveniently logs all emails sent along with replies to job records, providing valuable support for customer management and audit compliance. Access your entire communication history anytime, anywhere.


Introducing SMS via SMSGlobal. Enhance customer engagement by sending SMS and email messages. Research reveals that SMS has an incredible 96% open rate, making it an outstanding way to captivate customers and stand out from your competitors leading to additional sales. Simply add credits, and you’re ready to go!

Referral Partner Module: Seamless Collaboration with Referral Partners

Our Referral Partner Module allows you to effortlessly collaborate with various partners, including estate agents and mortgage brokers. By granting them access to dedicated branded accounts, they can easily send you referrals and stay informed about each referral’s progress. This transparent and streamlined process fosters strong engagement with your partners, encouraging them to provide even more referrals.

For larger firms: We offer an additional advantage – API integration. This feature empowers referral partners to seamlessly post leads directly from their own systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient exchange of information.

Task Management: Stay on Top of Priorities, Schedules, and Contacts

With our comprehensive task management feature, you’ll always know what needs to be done, where to be, and who to contact. Create and assign tasks with ease: effortlessly set up tasks and assign them to specific users. You can even add reminders to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

With clear Visibility of Outstanding Tasks you can keep track of pending tasks at a glance and easily identify responsible users. Rest assured that everything stays on track and no important details are overlooked.

You can also schedule custom events to show when users are available or out of the office to make scheduling tasks and appointments easier. 

Refine Your Reports Effortlessly: Seamlessly refine your reports with user-friendly filters that span a range of criteria, including lead source, geographical regions, survey types, surveyors, and more. This level of flexibility ensures you extract precisely the data you need for astute decision-making.

Track Progress and Analyse Impact: Witness the impact of your implemented changes and assess how they influence your business metrics over time. Tracking your progress empowers you to make informed decisions that are critical to your long-term success.

Embrace Greater Achievements: Our reporting tools empower you to steer your business towards unparalleled achievements, leveraging data-driven insights to boost performance and drive success.

Advanced Reporting: Gain In-Depth Insights into Your Business

Unlock the Power of Comprehensive Reporting with our feature-rich reporting tool. Delve deeper into your business operations to evaluate team performance, marketing strategies, and conversion rates. Gain valuable insights by closely monitoring key performance indicators, enabling you to understand your business’s overall health and identify areas for enhancement.

Plus further reporting integrations

With Survey Booker, not only do you have access to robust reporting capabilities, but you can also leverage the full potential of Google Analytics. By effortlessly integrating your company's Google Analytics account, you gain valuable insights into user interactions with quote forms and accounts, allowing for comprehensive reporting and analysis.
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Discount Codes: Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Elevate Customer and Referrer Experience with Promotional Offers. Whether you’re targeting specific lead sources or job types throughout the year, our platform allows you to implement enticing discount codes in sync with your marketing campaigns. Delight your customers and referrers by offering exclusive promotional offers whether it is to introduce a new product or to boost sales during quieter periods without simply dropping fee scales. Discount codes empower you to run targeted promotions aligned with your business goals. Make the most out of your marketing efforts and watch your conversions soar.

Explore our Array of Business-Boosting Features

Survey Booker offers a whole host of features and tools to help you boost every aspect of your business. Click on a topic below to learn more.

You can put Survey Booker on your website to give people an instant quote or a bespoke quote and that’s actually increased foot traffic to my website by 400% in the first month alone. So sales have grown exponentially, leads are coming in quicker. Not only that they provide you with their information, their typing in their phone, their address, their email so you’re free to contact them. They’ve already put their foot in the door. You just need to open it for them.

Dean Lockley

Lock and Key

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