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More Leads = More Sales

We help you capture more leads from your web traffic and referral partnerships and support you during online rush hour (6pm – 10pm) when you’ve finished for the day

Quick Quote

Provide instant quotes, bespoke or a mix. Set pricing by survey type and location. Allow customers to find the information they need 24/7

Online Payment

Allow customers to make an integrated online payment (powered by Stripe) increasing revenue by 6.7% on average. No need to check payment has been made before sending reports

Referral Accounts

Provide referral partners with a unique account so you, and they, can track all referrals. Set referral fees by referrer that are included in the quote provided

Lead Nurture

Emails are automatically sent to customers who have searched and not yet purchased to help increase conversions with no extra effort

Less Admin = Lower Costs

Survey Booker has been designed to reduce the admin time required to help customers, book in inspections and update customers

E-Sign Terms of Engagement

Customers are automatically sent a link to your terms of engagement to electronically sign after you accept their survey request. Once e-signed they are emailed straight to you

Online Payment

Payments are made before you receive a survey request so you can book it in without needing to make arrangements. Customers can also pay offline and you can mark the survey as paid

Accounting Integrations

Stripe integrates with most accounting software either directly or via an app allowing you to submit an invoice in a click on each sync. Customers also receive a receipt automatically after payment.

Progress Tracker

Customers are notified of every update you make from accepting the instruction through to uploading the final report. Less time needed on the small stuff so you can focus contact time discussing findings

& more...

& more...

CRM System = Consistent Service

Your account is your CRM system. You can see every customer from search to completion so you never lose track of a survey

Assign a Surveyor

If you have a team of surveyors you can assign a surveyor to an accepted survey. They can login to their own account, update at each stage and you can oversee from your admin panel

Calendar Integration

Coming soon - all survey dates set in your account will appear in your normal calendar and you can block out dates on the booking form

Progress Tracker

As you update the status of each survey it moves into different sections so you don't miss a customer at any point

Collect Reviews

Your customers are asked for their review after they've had their report. 68% of customers check for reviews before purchase. More positive reviews, more sales

The Survey Booker Process

Get a Quote

Each customer visiting your website can search for a quote. After the customer enters their details either an instant quote is provided or you can review and submit a bespoke quote when you are free. No more missed calls or missed opportunities.

Secure Online Payment

The quicker you can secure payment after quoting the better the chance of conversion. Our integrated online payment means customers can pay straight away and don't lose momentum waiting for bank details or an invoice link

E-Sign Terms of Engagement

You no longer need to spend time sending out terms of engagement to your customers. A link to your terms letter are automatically submitted via email when you accept an instruction. The customer views, e-signs and both you and your customer are emailed a copy

Track Survey Updates

Provide quick updates from your survey dashboard to each customer. As you update the survey status the customer moves into the next tab on your dashboard and they are automatically notified

Download Surveyor Report

Once you've written your report you simply upload it to the customers account. They are free to download and read at their convenience. No more report attachments lost in email junk boxes

Leave a Review

Customers are asked to review your 5* service. Most customers now search for reviews before committing to purchase so having your own helps boost conversion rates further. Only paying customers can submit a review so you can be confident all reviews are genuine

Improve your sales process now

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Link to your personally branded site

The simplest method is to link directly to your personal SurveyBooker account. The site hosts your branding to appear as seamless as possible. The Pro level account provides the most comprehensive branding options.

Customers search for quotes and all email notifications come from your email address and company name.

The link to your unique account will be:

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Fully integrate into your website

If you want to make the transition 100% seamless we can integrate the system onto your current website URL as well as match the branding of your current site. For this setup we require you to host your website on our servers.

This is a simple transition where we upload your site files onto our servers, integrate our system and host it all for a small additional monthly fee.

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