Sales and Survey Management Software for New Businesses

Operate professionally from day one so you can focus on growing your business and speaking with customers instead of the distractions of admin, compliance and setting up processes. Get 50% off for your first 6 months as a new business.

Operate effectively from day one

Whether you’re about to launch your business or you’re in your first year, Survey Booker provides a wide range of tools to allow you to focus on growing your business instead of manual admin and compliance. Survey Booker offers new businesses a comprehensive suite of tools that enable you to scale your business whilst providing a consistent and compliant service for every customer. 

Keep exploring to discover more about what we have to offer.

Grow and scale with ease

Manage your incoming leads and instructions efficiently and effectively to boost your sales.

Effortless compliance management

Compliance shouldn’t be a worry or time consuming. Log every thing you need without lifting a finger.

Make smarter decisions

Knowledge is power. Make data driven decisions instead of guesses to grow faster.

Features to help your new business bloom

Take advantage of a whole host of features designed to help your new business move from start up to success.


Automate all your survey admin so you can focus on your business instead of being stuck in it.


Compliance with confidence. Automatically log e-signed terms, notes, emails and more ready for any audit.


Integrate with any other systems you use from lead sources to report writing. No time wasted on data entry.


Easily review how your business is performing so you can double down on what's driving your success.

"Since using Survey Booker, we have seen our business grow year on year on, but essentially the benefits of Survey Booker have meant that our systems are streamlined. Administration time is reduced to as low as possible and it just makes us look so much more professional above and beyond our other competitors."
Streetwise Surveyors
“Pre Survey Booker we were probably working seven o’clock most evenings before we finished up with paperwork and admin. After Survey Booker, I finish five o’clock most days and don’t work weekends. That’s why I did it. I did it to get time. I wanted my life balance back and spend a little time with family.“
“I’ve saved so much time on admin, it’s unreal. I can put my feet up and have a cup of tea while the system does the majority of the legwork for me. Before I went to sleep thinking have I rung this client, have I had this payment, I need to do this tomorrow, I need to do that. None of that anymore. I just log in, I see exactly where I’m at on the stages and just respond accordingly.”
Lock & Key Home Surveys

Simple Tools. Simple Growth.

Survey Booker is designed to help you operate efficiently and effectively so you can focus your time on customers and growing your business instead of data entry and admin. We’ll also help you manage your compliance for every job so you can run your business with consistency and confidence. 

Survey and Valuation workflow

Our survey and valuation workflows help you to provide a consistent experience for every instruction you take on and allow you to focus on adding value instead of admin and compliance. No missed updates, data logging or wondering if you’ve done everything you need to do. Simply focus on your customers and growing your business with strong foundations in place.

Manage projects with ease

Taking on jobs that don’t fit the standard survey and valuation flow? Not a problem. We can help you manage all of your different job types in one place and ensure they’re all up to date.

A central hub for your team, customers and referral partners

Survey Booker is more than an internal CRM and survey management system. Offer more ways to interact, support and engage everyone you are working with from customers and referral partners. It’s completely optional but we know from feedback that end customers and referral partners love it!

A single source of truth for every job you do

Compliance shouldn’t be a worry. Consistent processes mean you can grow your business and your team without worrying that everything has been done, stored and handled the way you want. Simple features to help manage compliance with ease and have an audit ready record for every job. 

Getting started is easy with Survey Booker

We'll help you with account set up and onboarding so you can focus on how you're going to grow!

Free Account Setup

We handle all the initial work, so all you have to do is provide us with the necessary documents and we'll take care of the rest!

Technical Support

Our team is here to help! We have a comprehensive support site and a team on hand to help you out.


Up to 90-minutes of onboarding sessions with our experts. They'll guide you through your account, showcase key features, and address any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Survey Booker is designed to help free you up from admin, compliance and manual tasks that steal your time from sales, marketing and growing your business.

By investing a small amount in your software, you can sleep well at night knowing every customer is up to date and your compliance is in place.

Time is precious. Increase your capacity and grow more effectively.
The start up offer allows you to pay a discounted rate for your first 6 months. We know as you're getting started, you're building up your pipeline and we want to help support you from start up to success.

This gives you time to grow and establish yourself before moving to the normal rate. You'll get all the same features!
Our software will help you save up to 85% of your time on admin. That's what our customers tell us. This means you can respond and speak with customers more quickly, convert leads more effectively and establish your reputation versus doing everything manually.

Our system is designed to help you achieve what you want more quickly by giving you the time to focus on adding value to your business instead of being stuck in it.
The Plus plan comes with 3 users as standard. As you scale and you want to take on an office team member to handle enquiries and bookings or you take on new surveyors, you can easily allocate jobs and see who is in charge of what.

As your team grows, your processes remain consistent so your customers continue to get the same great service regardless of who is working on it.
Efficiency, consistency and scalability. Survey Booker is designed to save you significant amounts of time on admin and provide a consistent experience to every customer, no matter how busy you get.

Compliance is built into the process helping you to ensure you've ticked every box for every job reducing your risk of complaints.

Because all the admin and compliance is taken care of, you can focus on achieving your goals instead of copying, pasting and filing.
Yes, any professional software that you need to run your business, like online sales and survey management software, is tax-deductible.

We're on hand throughout to make sure all your questions are answered. You'll also have access to support guides and tours for every aspect of the system.
Sales and survey management software is important because it helps you manage compliance with industry standards and provide a consistent experience for every customer you work with.

This is key for generating positive reviews from every job you do and your business success.
Quite the opposite! Automation of basic admin tasks means you have more time available to speak with customers and you can respond more quickly.

This means you can provide a more personal service.

If you're busy filling in data, filing documents and handling basic job updates then you aren't speaking with your customers.
Using our cloud software means you can access your data from any device, from anywhere.

This means you can access customer requests, emails, booking details and more whilst out on site or when you're back in the office.

It also means you can add new leads, update a job status and more whilst you're out and about instead of needing to make a note to add updates later.
Spreadsheets are easy to set up but have a lot of downsides. They won't offer automation, and require you to put a lot of effort in to keep them up to date. It's easy to miss things and they don't link all the dots.

By starting as you mean to go on, you'll have every job you've worked on in one place, making it easier to see how your performance has improved over time and helping you prevent mistakes in the key stages of your business.

Instead of spending time managing a spreadsheet, our software enables you to focus on where you add value in your business.
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