Performance Analysis

Knowledge is power. Use your informative reporting dashboard to learn how your business is performing, what is working well and what needs your attention to give you that extra boost.

Knowledge is power

Survey Booker’s comprehensive reporting and performance analysis features provide you with a complete overview of the different aspects of your business, placing essential information at your fingertips. From sales and performance statistics to PII renewals and beyond, you can remove the guess work from decision making.

Quick overlays and multiple filters help you quickly extract the insights you require with ease. Propel your business forward today.

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API Integration (bolt-on / higher plan)

Sales statistics: Know what benefits your business and where to focus

Gain insight into the factors behind your sales. Identify the lead sources yielding the best conversions, highest average fees by job type, location, user, and more. Armed with this knowledge, you can make well-informed decisions on how to allocate your future marketing budget and optimise your sales and marketing content further.

Performance Insights: Understand Your Customer Journey

Are you familiar with the duration of various stages within your customer journey? What’s the average time from receiving a quote to receiving customer instructions, categorised by job type or lead source? Additionally, have you identified the primary reasons why customers opt not to proceed? This data is pivotal for evaluating your overall sales processes, enabling ongoing optimisation and improvement. Our reporting tools help to provide the answers to these questions. Monitor how performance changes as you make business changes.

PII Renewals: Extract The Data You Need

Customer feedback highlights that accessing the required information for PII renewals is significantly faster and more convenient using our reporting system, as opposed to the manual task of compiling data through spreadsheets. Acquire the essential details for your renewal submission effortlessly, all with just a few clicks.

Explore our Array of Business-Boosting Features

Experience the power of Survey Booker’s comprehensive suite of time-saving tools and features. Each aspect is meticulously designed to empower you with the resources you need to optimise your workflow, enhance customer interactions, and much much more. Click through our business-boosting features below to learn more. 

I’d definitely recommend Survey Booker to others due to its scalability. It’s been able to grow as we’ve grown but also, it’s reasonably priced and even for a small firm of one person it would still make massive benefits.

Anthony Spencer


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