Write reports with GoReport

Connect GoReport to have reports set up automatically on booking an inspection. No manual data transfer, it will be created in GoReport ready to write. Submit reports straight to customers via Survey Booker in a click.


Key benefits

Drive Consistency

Whatever the survey type, GoReport helps you ensure the appropriate areas are comprehensively covered from survey to survey and consistently from surveyor to surveyor, using structured data capture and formatted reports.

Improve Efficiency

Digital data collection on site followed by rapid production of consistent high quality reports is key to improving efficiency. Our clients remove repetitive administration tasks freeing up valuable time to focus on the actual survey or inspection.

Enhance Quality

Our clients advocate that moving to digital surveying has enabled them to free time to spend on the skill and art of surveying and ensured they are best placed to give quality guidance and advice, while still producing a high quality report.

Accuracy at Source

The most reliable place to capture all forms of data together are at the source i.e. on site. The GoReport application ensures data, text, photos, dictation etc are captured and linked at the point of capture while still allowing for additional information to be added at review stage.

Review and Quality Assurance

The drive for efficiency should never compromise the quality of guidance or advice. The ability to review and edit your own or the surveying teams data and outputs ensures that vital reflection time can be given to the final report.

Single Property and Asset Portfolios

A fast turnaround for individual survey reports is often the requirement to achieve a greater experience for the client. In delivering this, GoReport also ensures that asset portfolio data can easily be aggregated, analysed and reviewed to provide actionable insight for Portfolio Management.

How it works with Survey Booker

On booking appointments in Survey Booker, the job is automatically set up in GoReport assigned to the right user, using the relevant report template for the right day. If you reschedule the appointment or change the assigned user, this will automatically be updated in GoReport. We’ll send across all the data you need such as property and customer information which can be used to populate your templates.

Once your report is ready, simply press “Send to Survey Booker” on the report in GoReport. Your Survey Booker job record will automatically be marked as complete and the customer will be emailed their report. Simple!


For current pricing speak to the GoReport team!

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