Get Customers with PinLocal

Connect PinLocal to have new leads automatically sent from your PinLocal account into your Survey Booker account. No manual data entry, and welcome emails sent out immediately, 24/7 helping you to convert more leads and keep leads warm.

How We Generate Surveying Customers For Your Business

Sourcing of High-Quality Website Traffic

Advertising on the internet can be a very expensive exercise. Our highly optimised campaigns are designed to attract leads with high buyer intent.

Capturing Details Of The Instruction

Clients enter details of their instruction and our systems validate the data to ensure lead quality. This happens in seconds.

Live Surveying Leads Sent To You

Validated leads matching your criteria are sent to you via email and SMS. Our instant delivery system means you can contact the client quicker, giving you the best chance of winning the instruction.

How it works with Survey Booker

Account set up is really easy. Provide us your ‘webhook’ listed in your integration settings and we’ll provide you an ‘API key’ to save there. Once that’s done, each new PinLocal lead will save straight to your Survey Booker account.

  • Respond faster: each lead is saved to your Survey Booker account and can be immediately sent your welcome email and/or SMS so that they’ve got information about you until you can get in touch.
  • Follow-up: lead nurture can be used to follow up with customers who’ve had a quote but not yet started a booking.
  • Convert: customers can easily start a booking at any time so you can see which leads are warmest to contact first.


For current pricing, please click here to contact PinLocal.

Register today and you will receive:

  • 10 Free Leads
  • Get Customers Today
  • Target Your Areas
  • Control Your Budget
  • Cost-Effective
  • Marketing
  • Fair Credit Policy
  • No Minimum Term
  • Cancel Any Time

Special offer for Survey Booker customers:

Register as a Survey Booker customer and will provide you with our ‘Conversion Optimisation Clinic’ once you become a paying customer. In this clinic, we’ll help you review how you can convert more of your leads to earn more from your marketing spend.

Frequently asked questions

Our system only displays 4 quotes to a client at a time and selects firms based on their selected postcodes. You therefore only ever compete with 3 other firms.


Once we have sent you a lead that matches your criteria, winning the work is down to you. We will coach you and share best practice on winning instructions. Our best firms convert up to 15% of our leads, with the average conversion rate being 10%.


You are in complete control of your account with PinLocal, including the amount of money you spend and the areas you target. We have no limits to the volume of leads or areas you want to cover.


We provide you with full contact details of the lead submitted along with a link to the quote we sent to the client for your firm. You will then have everything you need to contact the customer and send your own bespoke quote. To see a sample lead notification click here. You leads will also feed straight into Survey Booker and look like your direct leads to showing PinLocal as the source.


We can turn the volume up if you need more volume and also set daily or weekly caps on your account to keep things manageable.


All of our leads go through a 5-step verification process to ensure quality. However, if an invalid or fake lead does come through to you, we have a fair credit policy to ensure those leads are replaced for free.

We offer 10 free leads for new companies. Simple! You get to test leads in 5 postcode areas with no commitment necessary. Just register your details, choose your post codes and your account manager will be in touch to get you started right away!


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