The Residential Survey Customer Journey – The Summary

We’ve taken a look at every touchpoint the customer has with your surveying company. There are a surprising number of touch points a customer has with you through the survey process, each one affecting their opinion of how good your service was. 

We explore what each interaction looks like, how it affects you and your customer and what options are available to you to improve the experience you offer. We also look at how changes can impact your workload for the better giving you time to invest back into your business (or to take as time off…). 

Here is a list of all the customer touch points throughout the survey process and our thoughts for each one. Click on the links below for ideas on how you can improve your customer journey.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about what has worked for you, what hasn’t and why. Our team is always on hand to discuss the options available to you in improving your customer experience and the different ways they can be integrated into your processes. 

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