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RICS UK Red Book Supplement Updated Edition

Overview:    As you may have seen, the RICS Red Book UK National Supplement was published on 19 October 2023 and it will become effective on 1st May 2024.   A webinar is being held by RICS to help you learn more. Book your place here: Book here   The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

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How secure are your passwords?

The image below will help you gauge how secure your passwords are from a computer simply guessing it and logging in. Your passwords, particularly for your key systems, should be in the green. Better still, use 2FA to further protect your account. This means even if a brute force attack guesses your password, it still

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The Personal Touch of Automation: Enhancing Customer Service and Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve customer service while optimising their internal operations. Enter automation—the game-changing technology that has revolutionised numerous industries, enabling organisations to deliver a more personal and efficient service to their customers. Contrary to popular belief, automation doesn’t eliminate human interaction; instead, it enhances it by freeing

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Best Survey Management System for Surveyors

What is a Survey Management System? A survey management system is designed to do just that – help you manage your surveys. However, they offer much more effective processes than traditional methods and help you to see problems before customers make you aware of them. A survey management system automates a lot of your manual

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8 tips to ensure your emails avoid spam filters

There are two things to get right here – make sure the basic technical bits are in place and then get your content optimised to make sure you end up in the inbox. Check your sender reputation As a starting point it’s worth checking that your domain isn’t listed on a sending blacklist. If you

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