Whether you are a sole-trader or a large company it is important to have a survey management system in place to ensure every customer has a consistent experience. This also helps to maintain levels of quality when routines are disrupted. 


What is a survey management system? 

A management system is a set of policies, processes and procedures used by an organisation to ensure that it can fulfil the tasks required to achieve its objectives. A survey management system is designed to help you successfully handle all of your sales enquiries and bookings through to completion in a consistent and timely manner. 

This means that no matter your workload, every customer gets the same service level and updates through to the completion of their job (and beyond). This also helps you to ensure that no task gets missed on any jobs and you more easily maintain your standards and compliance. 


What processes can a survey management system handle? 

A survey management system can be set up to help you at different stages in the survey process. You could use a system to manage:

  • Sales – managing enquiries, submit quotes and convert to instructions
  • Bookings – process terms, payments and data collection
  • Job progression – handling diary management, appointments and signing off when complete

You can choose how much you wish to automate your processes and how much you wish to do manually. 

Benefits of a survey management system

There are a number of benefits of using a system to manage your surveys.

  • Time saving – by automating basic manual processes, you can gain back time to focus on other tasks. For example, by automating the creation of terms documents and invoices, you can focus on dealing with customer queries or carrying out surveys. It can also help to provide information to customers more quickly because you aren’t getting backlogged with manual admin. 
  • Consistent customer experience – the key to success is consistency. Survey management systems help to ensure that every customer gets the right updates at every stage of the survey process. Consistently good service leads to consistently good reviews which in turn leads to more enquiries. 
  • Connectivity – online management systems enable you to connect with your other software such as calendars, accounting software, review sites and more. Connecting these systems enables you to ensure you other systems are automatically updated at key points without the need to manually update each one. These time savings for basic tasks mean you can focus where you add value instead of on general administration. 


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What Survey Booker customers say...

I can’t remember how we managed without the system doing all these tasks. 

It’s really changed the way we operate for the better and has become an integral part of our online offering

What used to take me 30 minutes or so per instruction (emailing quotes, taking instructions, typing terms, invoicing) now takes 5 minutes tops!