More Time for Customers

Online Payment

Customers can make a quick and easy online payment via Stripe or Worldpay. Each lead can instruct you and pay with ease boosting conversion rates and reducing the need to chase payments.

E-Sign Terms of Engagement

Personalised and pre-populated e-terms of engagement are submitted to your customer to sign before the survey. E-terms offer faster response rates with fewer errors, reduced admin and greater compliance.

Assign Team Members

Assign quotes and surveys to one or multiple team members so they can see what they need to do. You can also assign multiple contacts to a job so that they can all view updates from their account.

Zapier API

Use our integration with Zapier to connect all your software together. Automatically raise invoices, add inspection dates to calendars and more to prevent manual data entry.

Other Integrations

Our integrations with CoreLogic and more enable you to keep all your systems up to update without lifting a finger.

Boost Sales - Manage & Convert More Leads

Provide Online Quotes

Provide instant, estimate or bespoke quotes for all the survey types you offer. Our quote forms are optimised to increase completion rates by your customers.

Lead Generation Site Sync

Sync your leads from sites such as Local Surveyors Direct, reallymoving and more straight into your Survey Booker account allowing each potential customer to book & pay as soon as they’ve made a search.

Referrer Accounts

Offer a unique introducers account to people that send you leads. You can track who sent you each lead and add referral fees to your regular quote if you wish. Each introducer can track the status of their referrals.

Paired Survey Quotes

Pair survey types so you can automatically provide a quote for an alternative survey type in your welcome emails. For example if a customer searches for a Building Survey you can automatically offer a Homebuyer Report quote as well.

Lead Nurture

Achieve more sales from your leads. We’ll automatically email leads that haven’t paid at different stages after they search to encourage them to go ahead. Older leads no longer get forgotten.

Group of 3d office workers with speak bubbles and questions above them

Improved compliance

Assign team members and customers

Assign one or multiple team members to each instruction or quote they need to deal with. You can also assign multiple customers to the same survey so that several parties can view progress.

Tasks and reminders

Set tasks and reminders for each quote or job to ensure nothing gets forgotten. Set deadlines, assign team members and leave notes so everyone knows what is going on.

Conflict of interest checks

View all quotes and jobs related to a particular property or contact to help you see if there are potential conflicts of interests.

Document storage

Make audits easy by uploading all documents related to a survey. Select which documents are visible to customers via their accounts and which are for internal purposes only.

Consistent Customer Experience

Customer Accounts

Customers are provided an account where they can track all their quotes and surveys. They always know what is happening next and when. Receive fewer calls that are just chasing for updates.

Survey Reminders

No customers falling through the gaps. We’ll send you reminders for each survey that needs an update or report keeping the wheels in motion.

Conversion Rates

Analyse which areas of your sales process are working well and how how you are performing on your stated turnaround times.

Top Performers

Filter your reports by surveyor to understand how different team members are performing from turnaround times to reviews.

Additional features...

Collect reviews

Collect reviews from customers at the end of the survey process. We'll ask them for a review when they receive their report and send a reminder if they forget to leave one.

Personalised branding

Upload your company logo and set your preferred colour to make your quote forms and accounts feel more like your own site.


Support site, email, phone and dedicated account managers available depending on your plan.

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