Survey Booker vs Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets have been the easiest way to manage all your jobs until now. That was until CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems were developed – the fastest growing software product. CRM systems enable you and your team to view all enquiries, active projects and tasks that need to be carried in real time, on any device. You can also connect your systems together such as calendars and accounting software so that they all reflect the same information without the need for manual data entry or the risk of human error. Take a look at just some of the opportunities and advantages the Survey Booker CRM offers over spreadsheets.

Cut out up to 85% of admin time using Survey Booker versus spreadsheets

How CRMs do everything your spreadsheet does with less effort

Spreadsheets require a lot of manual data entry. Every enquiry that comes in (or every instruction depending on how you manage your sales) has to be manually entered into each part of your spreadsheet. Working in Excel, only one team member can work on the spreadsheet at a time.

This creates two issues:

Firstly, you can’t scale up easily. If your team are spending their time copying and pasting data into spreadsheets they aren’t spending time handing actual tasks. Manual processes like this also offer increased opportunities for errors… we’re all human.

Secondly, your team can’t see what’s going on in real time. A spreadsheet has to be saved before team members can go back in to view it. They also can’t work on it at the same time (unless your using Cloud based spreadsheets). However, either version are hard to view on the go on mobile devices.



Get your customers to enter the data into your systems for you. Survey Booker can provide you enquiry forms to add to your website and data feeds with other lead sources (such as lead generation websites and referrers). Your customers handle that task, you can focus on handling the enquiry.

Tasks can be set for each enquiry or instruction with reminders for you so you don’t ever miss a trick. They can also be assigned to team members easily with visibility on the status of everything that’s been assigned.

Your team can view what they need to see from any device at any time whilst others are working on updates.

Where spreadsheets get left behind…

Still not sold? Saving time and easy visibility across your team is just one part of the jigsaw. But unlike your spreadsheet, Survey Booker can connect with almost all your other software and make every other part of your process more efficient. Again, instead of requiring your teams to manually input data into the different systems you use and for the different tasks they have to carry out, you can let the CRM do the heavy lifting so your team can focus on the tasks where they add value.

For example you can connect:

E-signatures – our system can prefill your terms documents with all the right information so you can just review, add any additional comments and send for signing. Submitted faster with fewer opportunities for errors.

Payments – if you want to offer online payments, customers can click to pay, enter their details and the system automatically updates so you know payment has come through and you can take next steps. No delays checking bank statements and matching payments. You can also enter in manual payments and choose to send confirmation to the customer at the same time.

Accounting updated – we can help you keep your accounting software updated. Create invoices, add payments and more. Survey Booker can connect with the major accounting software via Zapier allows you to connect all sorts of software together. You can connect us to accounting software, mailing lists, review sites, calendars and more.

Task views – automatically see a task list of your inspections, reports and follow ups that are required for every customer and every survey. No need to organise spreadsheets to see what is needed. You can also set reminders so you never miss a beat.

Compliance – your CRM can store your terms, customer service notes, survey details, emails and documents in one place so you can show the full audit trail for every survey. No need to have different spreadsheet columns and cells referring to where documents are stored or having to search separately through your emails for information.

Work smarter

Spreadsheets might work for you now. But there are two factors to consider. Firstly, they require you to work harder to achieve the same outcome and distract you from the tasks that are important. Multitasking has been proven to reduce efficiency multiple times. Secondly, if you want to scale up, spreadsheets will limit your capacity to handle customer enquiries and your ability to effectively manage your team.

Survey Booker can help you cut out 85% of admin time throughout a survey from booking to report.

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