Save Time: Providing Quotes and Respond Faster to Enquiries

We’ve said it a lot but we’ll say it again… speed of response is pretty much the most important factor in converting a lead. There are numerous studies to back this up. In our own study nearly 10% of surveyors responded to leads within 5 minutes with around 46% responding within an hour. Any longer and you might as well not waste your time getting in touch. 

How to save time responding to leads

Have a template response for each survey type

Writing a bespoke response to every single Home Survey enquiry doesn’t make sense. Not only does it require time to type out a new email every single time you respond to an enquiry, but you risk missing out certain key points each time. You then have to proof read the email before sending it off. 

The only information that needs to change each time is the actual quote you are providing depending on the property, customer requirements, survey level etc. 

A template ensures you provide all the key points every time you respond whilst saving time on typing and proofreading by only having to update the quote amount and property address. 


Test different email templates for responses

The other benefit of sending a fixed template is you can measure its success rate – the number of conversions (alongside any phone calls) that you make. 

You can then make adjustments over time and measure their success. For example, you could change the order of the content, make certain points bold or bigger or add in other content. You can test each change for a period and see what impact that has on your conversion rates until you reach an optimum template. 

If you write a different response each time you have no way to measure the success of your email response on conversion rates. That email response factors into your conversion rate in the sales process and often will be your first interaction with your potential customer. 

Improve your conversion rate and you have to respond to fewer leads to achieve the desired number of instructions you can handle. 

Manually submitting quotes where they could be automated

Many surveyors have a fee scale they work to in order to help gauge the fee level they feel is fair for the value they offer. But it also helps to more quickly establish the right ballpark for the quote to be provided. 

If you have a fee scale, can you submit your quote or estimate automatically? Survey Booker can help you capture the customers enquiry details and provide an instant quote or estimate for the customer to review along with your welcome email template outlining all the key information the customer needs to know about your service. Alternatively, you can collect their details, provide instant details about your service and submit your bespoke quote after you have reviewed the details. 


There are two benefits here:

  1. Save time – by automating the provision of your quote/estimate and your welcome email you can focus on other tasks such as calling customers to discuss your services or carrying out surveys
  2. Improved response times – if you’re busy, out on site or having down time (not all enquiries are during office hours), you can be providing an immediate response to customers, buying you time to follow up with them later when you are available.

Automation doesn’t mean being impersonal. The content sent to customers can still be personalised and the time saved can be used to follow up with the customer when you are free to have that all important pre-instruction conversation. 

By adding in the best times to contact you in your email template you can also make it easier for customers to contact you for further information saving the frustrations of phone call tennis.