Save Time: Collecting Reviews and Following Up

The process shouldn’t end when your report is emailed out to your customer. As you will know, it is important that your customer feels that they can get in touch to discuss your findings and what advice you have for their next steps. And once your customer has had all their questions answered and they are satisfied with what they need to do next it is important to collect your customers feedback. Feedback helps you to encourage sales and understand if your process is really satisfying your customers.

The benefits of collecting feedback

We live in a world of reviews. They are particularly important where it is difficult to get a recommendation from friends and family. After all, surveying services are something that many people only use every few years. Even where we can get recommendations from those we know, we’ll often still check reviews online to see if the service is still as good as they experienced.

Why? We’re all risk averse. We want to minimise the risk of having a bad experience. Interestingly, people spend longer researching reviews of their next fridge than they do on a property viewing.

Having regular 5* reviews being left for you shows potential customers you are doing a great job and will likely satisfy them too. How does this help?

  • Encourage more sales – potential customers have the confidence to instruct you
  • Charge higher fees – customers want value. Most customers will pay more to guarantee a good service than risk paying less and potentially facing problems.


What happens if someone leaves me a bad review?¬†One bad review won’t hurt. Customers understand that not everyone will be happy with the result. If the vast majority of reviews are great, customers will ignore the occasional bad one. But if you are consistently getting poor or average reviews it can help to identify where things aren’t meeting customer expectations. These early warning signs enable you to make the relevant changes to get things back on track so your business continues to perform in the long-run.

Collecting feedback with ease

There is the choice of collecting reviews manually to display on your website or platforms such as Trustpilot, Google reviews and Feefo. Whichever you choose, it is important to consider if you will use that platform for the long-term. Moving to another platform means starting review collections again.

However, collecting feedback is easy to forget when you are busy.¬†Survey Booker also helps you collect reviews either through it’s internal system or by linking to an existing platform that you use.

We provide an automated follow up a week after your report has been submitted enabling you to touch base with every single customer after they’ve read through their survey or spoken to you. If they still have any niggling issues you can make sure you resolve them and take the opportunity to request feedback from them either using our internal review system (or an external one).

You can also link external review sites to Survey Booker using Zapier so you can request feedback at any point in the process (from quote through to report to see how your customers are feeling at different stages in the process).


Collecting reviews can help you:

  • Improve your processes
  • Grow sales
  • Improve fees by proving your value

Ensuring you ask every customer for a review is important. Potential customers place more weight on newer reviews than older ones as it reflects how you’re performing right now. Older reviews help to show you provide a great service consistently.


Ask the team today about how we can help you with your reviews and more with all your services.