Optimising the Survey Sales Process: Grow Sales. Save Time. Generate Insights.

There are three key areas we specialise in so that we can help you optimise your business processes. We do that so you can focus on speaking with customers and carrying out surveys.

Over this series of articles we are going to explore how you can Grow Sales, Save Time and Generate Insights whether using our platform or not. We’ll be looking at all the options available to you and the tricks you can implement to optimise your business.

Grow Sales

There are two ways to grow your sales. Firstly you can feed more leads into the sales funnel. 

Add more leads to your pipeline and eventually some will convert at whatever rate you normally convert your leads. Generating more leads can be expensive though. So, we’ll also be looking at how to improve your conversion rates (i.e. how to generate more sales from the same number of leads). 

Below are the areas of growing sales we’ll be taking a look at:

  1. Lead generation sites
  2. Working with introducers
  3. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for your Website
  4. Quality and Speed of Response
  5. Using data to boost sales
  6. Reviews
  7. Tracking and following up with older leads
  8. Removing delays in the process

The sales funnel is more complex than incoming leads > conversion rate > some sales. There are factors that affect both the number of leads that even enter your sales funnel (e.g. customers that decide not to click on your listing in Google results) to those affecting those that convert (e.g. too slow to respond to them). We will cover all of these factors in this series of articles. 

Save Time

There are lots of administration processes in the sales survey process from following up with leads to sorting payments to providing updates. We will look at how you can better manage processes to save time. What you do with this time is up to you. You can use it to respond to more sales enquiries or to play a round of golf. Work-life balance is important – that’s why we want to help you save time whilst keeping you service standards high. 

We’re going to take a look at how you can save time:

  1. Providing quotes
  2. Processing payments
  3. Sorting Terms of Engagement
  4. Managing and Updating Leads / Customers
  5. Managing Teams
  6. Collecting Reviews
  7. Reviewing metrics

Time saved for you also means quicker responses for your customers. Quicker responses feed back into growing sales. For example if you can provide your quote faster and respond to their questions quickly you’ll more likely convert the lead to a sale. Equally, if you provide updates in a timely manner and a seamless service you’ll more likely get higher reviews that encourage other leads to purchase. 

Generate Insights

How effectively you grow your sales and manage your internal processes depends on how well you know your business. Unfortunately anecdotal evidence can often lead to incorrect decision making. How well you feel something is working can deviate quite significantly from what the reality is. Our perception does not always match reality. We our emotional beings. Our view is skewed by what we want to believe and see. The most successful businesses make all their decisions based on data not what they feel. 

80% of CEOs believe their companies offer a great customer experience. Only 8% of their customers agree (Forbes, Customer Experience is the New Brand). 

We will look at the types of metrics you can capture and how these can be used to get an early heads up about where changes in success are occurring as well as to look at how proactive changes you’ve implemented are taking effect. How often you review this data to make decisions will be based on how easily you can collate the information and review it. Doing this manually not only takes time but increases the risk of human error. We will review how you can automate the capture of this data so that you can analyse your business quickly and easily. 

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