The world has changed dramatically a lot in a few short weeks – more than anyone could have predicted. Of course, this has led to behaviour changes…

  • Working from home, using conference calling
  • Socialising online and meeting in virtual pubs
  • Dogs wagging their tails more as owners are always around
  • Using the word unprecedented an unprecedented amount
  • Taking more photos of cities – just look at the before and after photos of air quality


Where such dramatic shifts take place we are learning to adapt. To see friends, to shop and to work in new ways. Where consumers and businesses resisted technology, everyone is now having to embrace it and realising it isn’t as scary or difficult as people thought. Many have gone from refusing to try something different to loving it. For example 20% of grocery shops are currently being done online and demand is continually growing. The fear that the fruit and veg might not be as good if you can’t pick it yourself just simply doesn’t materialise.


Now is the time to give yourself permission to start imagining beyond the cloud of Covid-19. With that in mind, here is what we at Survey Booker think the landscape will look like.


Number One:

There is still a place for premium prices

In 2014, leading trade magazine The Grocer, explored the legacy of the economic downturn for food and drink. We can learn that there was never a significant trading down during the recession. Consumers still sought quality products and were prepared to pay more for premium, while still controlling overall spend.

This will be no different for surveying post-lockdown. Customers will still pay a premium for a better quality report and a better quality service. At such a crucial time in the buying process, a customer wants peace of mind and a customer will always pay for that where you show them your value.


Number Two:

Online services are here to stay

Consumers have significantly increased their online usage during the lock down from streaming on Netflix, to online grocery shopping to video conference calls. It doesn’t matter who you are now, more people than ever are using the internet and seeing the benefits it can bring.

Customers will continue to use the internet to manage the majority of their lives with the ease it brings. If you are building in the opportunity to offer quotes and payments through your website whilst staff are furloughed or you’re taking time off then speak to the Survey Booker team who can advise on important aspects of getting traffic to your website and how to structure your web pages to optimise the number of customers who enquire.


Number Three:

The internet is not just for the millennial

Older generations have been encouraged to become way more tech savvy during this period, creating a new audience online. We predict the ‘grey pound’ is an important new target demographic that should be included in future marketing plans.

No longer can we assume that only the younger generations will use your website to find quotes, make payments and check on progress. Older generations have now embraced this way of life through Covid-19 and will continue to shop around online now they are more confident with how it works.


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