Survey Booker on World Earth Day 2022

Survey Booker is a Carbon Neutral Industry Supplier

On World Earth Day we reflect further on our impact on the environment and how we can ensure we make a positive impact on the world that powers us.

We currently offset our carbon usage each month at 150% as we build up an accurate picture of our usage. Each month Consequence calculate our carbon usage and we offset that by supporting UN approved projects that offset our carbon impact.

Longer term we are looking at how we can reduce our carbon usage as well as offsetting. We believe that this is something we need to be proactive on every day of the year and not something that we only focus on at certain times.

To ensure we are accountable for our claims of being carbon neutral we publish the certificates of our carbon offsets on our website showing each month that we have offset our carbon output. It is important to us that our carbon offset process is transparent and that you can see we are practicing what we preach!

You can learn more about Consequence and how we calculate our usage here:

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