A look back at everything we did in 2022

We review what we got up to in 2022!

Reflection is great for understanding what you’ve achieved over a year and to help you set your goals for the coming year. 2022 was a phenomenal year for the Survey Booker platform. We’ve released new features, new integrations and refinements to features to make managing your account even easier. Of course, it doesn’t stop there! We’re adding more integrations, and more refinements to help optimise and streamlining your processes further. Take a look at what we released in 2022!

Customer portal update

Refreshed layout, new settings and more.

Reporting page upgrade 

A whole new reporting dashboard with new metrics, filters and exports.


  • The ability to connect any email and set how emails should be sent and received.
  • Editor update to allow html email designs to be added for custom branding, custom templates, attachments and more.

Office 365

  • Calendar integration – automatically add new bookings into your O365 calendar.
  • Email integration – send emails and log replies automatically.

Discount codes 

Run promotions at any time based on lead source, job type and more.

User security

  • Single Sign On (Azure)
  • Two factor authentication

Open APIs

Post leads to your account from any source or pull data into other systems.

Availability and coverage alerts

Display an alert to show lead times for that job and location. Or block a booking if you no longer cover a location.


An update to this module to allow you to track notes, set tasks, view referrals, add contacts, set custom fee scales and SLAs.

Notifications page

A new page to see your top priorities for messages, tasks and more.

Calendar update 

A major update providing the ability to personalise event types and view user availability whilst booking appointments and more.

GoReport integration

Connect your report writing software to save time and reduce errors.

Hints and tours

Easy access to information about how to add and adjust settings.

PinLocal integration

Connect in more leads so you can focus on follow up and not data entry.

Multiple refinements

We also added a large number of refinements to existing features based on your feedback to add flexibility to how you operate from terms settings to cloning reports.

What’s coming in 2023?

We can’t tell you just yet… but there are a lot of new features and updates we’re bringing to you! Keep an eye out for our newsletters to see what’s on the way soon.

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