Reach new clients with Compare My Move

Find new surveying clients and grow your business with Compare My Move. 

We get thousands of home buyers and sellers using our comparison service each month to find your services. With an app to manage leads, a tool to view low-competition areas and a partner page to build sharable reviews, we’re always helping you increase your conversion rate to get the most out of your leads. 

How We Generate Surveying Leads For Your Business

Ongoing support and conversion help

You’ll have ongoing account help from our Partner Support Team and access to a Partner Help Hub to give you tried and tested conversion tactics. We pride ourselves on giving you the support and guidance to get the most out of your leads.

No bidding war or race to the bottom

We don’t show prices to customers, you are the one who provides the quote. This means you don’t have to lower your prices to win the job. It gives you a chance to sell yourself and your business for what it's worth.

Cutting edge app and tools

Our Lead Manager app lets you buy and manage your leads in one place. It can be synced with Survey Booker to stay in control of your leads. It also features a cutting-edge tool that lets you view areas in demand or low competition for a better chance of success with your leads.

 “I like the fact you don’t have to give a price with Compare My Move as it enables us to sell ourselves, especially if we’re not the cheapest out there.” – AMM Surveying 
“There’s no race to the bottom. I like the fact you don’t do that [send quotes], I can send my own quote out.” – GAR Property Consultants 

How it works with Survey Booker

Account set up is really easy. Provide us your ‘webhook’ listed in your integration settings and we’ll provide you an ‘API key’ to save there. Once that’s done, each new Compare My Move lead will save straight to your Survey Booker account.

  • Respond faster: each lead is saved to your Survey Booker account and can be immediately sent your welcome email and/or SMS so that they’ve got information about you until you can get in touch.
  • Follow-up: lead nurture can be used to follow up with customers who’ve had a quote but not yet started a booking.
  • Convert: customers can easily start a booking at any time so you can see which leads are warmest to contact first.


For current pricing, please visit the Compare My Move website.

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