A New Look for the Survey Booker Customer Portal

We’ve just released a big update to the customer portal along with many new settings!

Survey Booker is designed to help with many things but one of the biggest drivers is helping your provide a great customer portal. With that in mind, we’ve updated the designs of many of the customer portal pages, provided more ways to personalise the look and feel to match your brand guidelines and added many new settings and updates that help you further tailor Survey Booker to you.

Check out the release note below!

The biggest update to the customer portal!

We’ve made a big update to the designs of our customer portal to help boost conversion rates even further. Customise your customer portal further to match your brand guidelines, provide more information about your job types and much more:

  • Learn more link above your list of services. 
  • Custom logo link (e.g. to your website).
  • Redesigned quote page
  • Redesigned customer dashboard
  • Updated job tracker page
  • Show/hide reviews
  • Powered by Survey Booker logo
  • Personalised stage names / stage text / table colours (Quote form personalisation feature)
  • Custom service summary hover text (Quote form personalisation feature)

and much more… Learn more.

Outlook Emails

Reply more easily to emails that have been added into Survey Booker from Outlook. Just click reply, write your email and send as normal to continue the chain.


We’ve added four extra fields to the Zapier feed to help you move data to other places more easily. View the release note for more details.

Extra data

Capture where your leads are sourced from (phone, email, quote form, API) 

On plans with our quote form personalisation feature you can ask customers how they heard about you when they fill in your quote form to understand how your marketing is performing.

Availability and Coverage alerts

Provide customers a general lead time alert when customers start their booking and set custom alerts if you have longer lead times for certain services and locations to help manage customer expectations before they instruct.

Set if customers should be able to start a booking in locations that you no longer cover or if that booking should be automatically blocked to prevent instructions where your coverage has changed. 

Panel Settings

Set locations where you don’t have coverage yourself but where you work with other firms that can carry out the customers job. Provide quotes and process payments ready to pass the instruction on.

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