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Our mission statement: “To use our expertise to match you to your dream home.”

With over 40 years of surveying and valuation expertise across London and the Southeast and thousands of satisfied customers we put you at the heart of everything we do. We use cutting edge technology which delivers exceptional 5* service every time. Founded by Zoe Baker, RICS Residential Young Surveyor of the Year Award 2022.

Key benefits:

  • Simplicity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Maintain connection with your clients
  • Reduced errors 
  • Increased income
Who are you and Your Surveyors? 

My name is Zoe Baker. I’m the founding Director of And my name’s Garrett O’Hanlon. I’m the Technical Director of


What were the challenges you faced before Survey Booker? 

Having used every CRM system available over the last 38 years I wanted something which would increase profitability and productivity and be straightforward and easy to use.

The tedious manual inputting tasks have been made so much easier with Survey Booker and it is quite a technological journey not just for the client, but for staff members utilising the system on a daily basis.


How does Survey Booker help you? 

Survey Booker has provided high levels of automation which has resulted in reduced errors and an improved efficiency within my business.

The system is excellent at enabling surveyors within company who are perhaps not natural administrators to interact with the very straightforward systems and contribute fully to the effectiveness of the business to the client.


How much time have you saved on admin?

Any working surveyor will tell you that time saved on administration gives them the opportunity to increase their physical output and to increase their wealth, their income, their salary and Survey Booker absolutely delivers on that front.

Within the admin side of things, this has definitely reduced the amount of staff required to process jobs from quote through to booking through to completion whilst keeping the client up to date throughout the whole process.


How much have your sales grown? 

It’s difficult for me to tell you how much our sales have grown by as we’ve pretty much used Survey Booker from day one, but what I can tell you as opposed to other companies I have worked for previously in the industry, it has reduced the time it takes to process a job and therefore improving productivity levels within the business.

Growth is the aim for every business and after 38 years of using every CRM available, I can guarantee that the efficiencies provided by Survey Booker to the admin and fee earning staff definitely drives the business forward in the right way.


How has Survey Booker helped your engage customers? 

The automation which exists within Survey Booker encourages you to maintain connection with your clients throughout the whole process from quote through survey through to completion and distribution of survey and leads you into the kind of five star reviews which we enjoy across this business.

It’s really important for the clients perspective that you don’t just send the survey report and that’s it and Survey Booker allows you to keep in contact with the client after you’ve delivered your service and keep that relationship going.


What have you been most impressed with?

The thing that I have been most impressed with with Survey Booker is their constant development of their API integrations. This has allowed us to develop automated processes within our business way beyond any other system available.

And I can sum up what I like best Survey Booker in a single word. Simplicity. You don’t have to be a technocrat to make this work really well for you and your business and your staff.


Would you recommend Survey Booker? 

We would recommend Survey Booker to anybody that is looking to create a technologically advanced experience for users and clients. We had that conversation with Survey Booker and we’ve never looked back. It would be a good idea for you to do the same.

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