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White Horse Surveyors are the UK’s largest independent residential surveyors, providing property valuations and surveys across England and Wales. Their professional and dynamic team of surveyors (fully regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as well as being ISO 9001 quality assured) provide thorough and informative survey reports, giving customers peace of mind during their decision-making process.

Key benefits:

  • Significant time savings across all areas of the business
  • Reduction in costs
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved engagement with referral partners
What were some of the bigger challenges you faced before using Survey Booker?

Having a system that was mainly unautomated and admin intensive meant a number of challenges for our customer journey and especially customer care. In addition to that our previous system lacked ongoing training, good support and couldn’t cope with the particular needs of our specific industry.

None of our systems would integrate which led to regular errors or other issues for our entire team. We also had to manually update our customers at each stage of their booking with us, through additional calls or emails which were labour intensive and took time away from fresh leads coming into the company!


What goals did you have for your switch to Survey Booker?

Our primary goals included improving our processes to save time and resources. We wanted to improve our customer journey and where possible automate systems that previously took up valuable admin time for our team.

It was essential that the new Survey Booker system integrated with all our other systems to streamline internal processes and enable us to stay ahead of the curve by embracing technology. We knew that Survey Booker understood the unique demands of the surveying industry and would enable us to work on our business goals including increasing our direct lead sales.

Finally, it was essential that our new CRM provider would support us with ongoing team training, and a comprehensive support and development package into the future.


How has Survey Booker helped you with your sales?

Survey Booker has enabled us to create a managed flow of leads from a range of different sources. This has in turn led to a lot less manual work for the team, and created a smoother customer journey. Our sales account managers now have more time for direct sales, and our customers are able to see updates in their customer portal without having to email or phone our team and wait for a response.

With the integration of different systems and automated notifications for our customers it means that every single lead is quickly touched. There is even no need for White Horse to be involved within online payments at point of sale.


What time savings have you experienced?

Since the introduction of Survey Booker we have seen significant administration time savings in all areas. Our terms and payments are now handled automatically which has saved us approximately 35 hours a month in admin time. Our Level 2 jobs are automatically sent to Survey Hub with no manual uploading required which has also saved us approximately 43 hours a month. In addition to the manual time savings there have also been savings in other system and licence costs which were no longer required. These time and subscription savings have allowed us to reduce costs across the company.


What do you invest those savings back into now?

With more time available for our team we are now able to work on more leads and have also increased our conversion rate. We can offer a personal touch and have increased sales significantly.

We are also able to spend more time building relationships with our referral partners ensuring that we have a strong flow of future leads as well.


How does Survey Booker help you manage relationships with your referral partners?

The integration of an introducer’s module has been very helpful and allows us to track any and all leads and instructions from every introducer that we work with. Our introducers have also seen time savings as they are now able to provide leads or send instructions without having to speak to a member of our team.


How has Survey Booker helped you manage relationships with your customers?

With the introduction of our new customer portal our customers are able to see all quotes and progress in one place. Our terms and payments are now all online and our customers can view their uploaded report via the portal rather than waiting for it to be emailed to them.

Our customers can access the portal from their PCs or smart phones and have direct access to their designated sales account manager through either email or messages.


Has Survey Booker helped with compliance?

Survey Booker provides us with audit trail and activity log for each instruction. This means that everyone can easily see what has happened on each instruction.

The activity log enables us to have everything in one place with access only available to specific users. Each of our agreements and our terms are held on record and the system complies with all data protection demands.


Overall, what have you been most impressed with?

We have been impressed by a number of aspects but especially the ease of using the system along with the support at every stage from before, during and after initial setup.

Another aspect is the integration into our other essential systems like our own company website for quotes and the set up of the customer portal.

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