Viking Surveyors

Viking Surveyors is a private family-run of Chartered Surveyors. With over 17 years’ experience. 

Viking Surveyors are an independent, well-established practice and our aim is to make property reports as easy as possible for you.

Key benefits:

  • Huge admin time savings
  • Sales have grown immensely 
  • Simple sales reporting
  • Improved communication with customers and referrers
  • Support
Who are you and Viking Surveyors?

Hello my name is Phoebe Isabella Porter. I‘m Head of Surveying Services here at Viking surveyors a residential surveying company in the UK.


What were the challenges you faced before Survey Booker?

One challenge we faced prior to utilising Survey Booker was finding a system or software that was able to give client updates efficiently and regularly at every stage of the surveying process. The other challenge we faced was finding a software or system that could effectively provide accurate reports on statistics on our previous months.


How does Survey Booker help you?

Survey Booker acts as a portal to our customers, giving them easy access to track each stage of the surveying process from the quote stage through to completion of the report. We are also able to quickly generate sales statistic reports to use for our sales team. 


How much time have you saved on admin?

We have saved a huge amount of time in our administrative section on streamlined processes that Survey Booker have given us.


How much have your sales grown?

Our sales have also grown immensely because we are now able to efficiently track quotes and also the source of those quotes. The sales statistic reports that we have access to via Survey Booker also allow us to change and grow our marketing accordingly. 


How has Survey Booker helped your engage customers?

Survey Booker has improved our communication with clients through giving automated updates at each stage of the surveying process alongside allowing us to customise email templates to tailor to our business. Referrers are also able to track their quotes effectively and efficiently and also provide quotes to their clients. They can also track their expected income in a centralised system rather than having to spend time chasing. Internally, it helped us as a team because we are able to assign tasks to other admins so they know what they need to be getting on with and the deadline for those tasks.


What have you been most impressed with?

I am most impressed with Survey Booker software and how it integrates with with so many different platforms and the automation that it can provide. 


Would you recommend Survey Booker?

I would definitely recommend Survey Booker to new surveying firms that are looking for a modern software that can connect all of the dots and save you administrative time. 

 I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of the Survey Booker team for their immense ongoing support that they provide us because is always a question that we have and it never goes unanswered.They’re always willing to provide us the best solutions and assist us with the process.

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