Streetwise Surveyors

Combining decades of experience in the property sector, Streetwise Surveyors is a friendly and professional business with a sound reputation and our goal is to meet all our clients surveying needs in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire.

Key benefits:

  • Year on year growth
  • Streamlined systems
  • Admin time as low as possible
  • Communication as a team
  • Audit tracking
Who are you and Streetwise Surveyors? 

Hi, my name’s Mat Barnes and I’m the director at Streetwise Surveyors in Chesterfield. 


What were the challenges you faced before Survey Booker? 

When we first started trading, we were really relying on referrals from other independent businesses and other surveyors that were at capacity, and we really had no way of recording professionally where all these leads were coming from. We really needed to grow the business as quickly as we could, so we wanted to find a way of recording where the business was from, and, uh, promoting our business professionally.



How does Survey Booker help you? 

The most important thing for us was to not waste time on administration. And what Survey Booker does is, embed itself into our website which enables us to generate instant quotes for clients and also our referrers who are generating business for us. Everything’s all audit tracked so we know when the quote was generated and where it came from, which helps us really manage our business successfully.


How much time have you saved on admin?

It goes without saying that once you get used to using Survey Booker, the administration time saving benefits are quite generous. Certainly from logging business to tracking business, to communicating with clients from all aspects of the survey booking process without doubt it has saved us a considerable amount of time. And at the same time, we have full confidence in making sure that the systems we have in place are all accurate and audited at every point.


How much have your sales grown?

Since using Survey Booker, we have seen our business grow year on year on, but essentially the benefits of Survey Booker have meant that our systems are streamlined. Administration time is reduced to as low as possible and it just makes us look so much more professional above and beyond our other competitors.


How has Survey Booker helped your engage customers? 

Once a lead is generated within Survey Booker, whether that be from the customer direct or from a referrer, acknowledgements are always given and the system generates a quote professionally. So the communication is seamless and straightforward right from the beginning that they have the first touch point with us. This really helps everybody within the team so we know where the business has come from and it makes sure that when we communicate with them to engage with them going forwards, whether it be the administrator, the customer, or the surveyor at any part of the process, everything is all streamlined.


What have you been most impressed with?

The thing I’ve been most impressed with with Survey Booker is the quality of the support and the way that the product’s being developed. There seems to be so many pieces of prop tech and survey system software that just seems to be left on the shelf. With Survey Booker, it’s been constantly developed and improved and if we’ve got any issues or challenges along the way, then Survey Booker definitely always been around to provide very responsive support.


Would you recommend Survey Booker? 

Initially we were a little bit skeptical with how Survey Booker was going to improve our business, but that was seen put to one side and for the several years now that we’ve been with the software, we’ve never really looked back. So we look forward to many more years building our business along with Survey Booker support. A big thanks really to everybody at Survey Booker that’s helped improve our business and our processes to make sure that everything’s run as streamlined as possible.  

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