niSurv Chartered Surveyors is a firm of residential valuation surveyors covering Lisburn, Belfast, Bangor, Newtownards, Downpatrick, Ballynahinch and the surrounding areas (basically counties Antrim, Down and a bit of Armagh) or within 25 miles of our office.

Key benefits:

  • Work-life balance with more time for family
  • Automated paperwork 
  • Customer engagement
  • Increased sales and capacity
  • Streamlined processes
Who are you and niSurv? 

Hello, my name is Jeremy Brady. I run niSurv Chartered Surveyors in Northern Ireland. We’re a small company. We specialise in level two survey work.


What were the challenges you faced before Survey Booker? 

Prior to starting with Survey Booker a lot of my time would have been spent like probably most other firms chasing clients talking to people on the telephone qualifying leads preparing paperwork. And even though we did have a lot of that automated to an extent, as much as we could ourselves, there was generally time wasted that was better spent doing surveys rather than chasing clients.


How does Survey Booker help you? 

That’s an easy one and time. I’ve been able to free up so much more time now to squeeze in an extra few surveys a week which has easily paid for Survey Booker.


How much time have you saved on admin?

The amount of time that Survey Booker saves me in a week is probably harder to qualify because every week’s different but I would estimate it has easily saved me an hour a day. Which when you take it over a week or month or year is a lot of time.


How much have your sales grown? 

That’s not really why I did it. I did it to get time. Pre Survey Booker we were probably working seven o’clock most evenings before we finished up with paperwork and admin. After Survey Booker, I finish five o’clock most days and don’t work weekends. That’s why I did it. I did it to get time. I wanted my life balance back and spend a little time with family.


How has Survey Booker helped your engage customers? 

After installing and running Survey Booker we find customers really like the portal, they find it very informative. It makes it very easy. I can send messages to clients. They can respond all within Survey Booker’s portal. All the paperwork’s automatically sent out to them. I don’t have to think about it. I just know it’s going. We can integrate my calendars, we can do everything that just speeds the whole process up.


What have you been most impressed with?

What have I been impressed with most, apart from the staff and how professional and helpful they are, I was in the process of trying to set up a CRM system with one of the main providers and I just found it very difficult and clunky because it wasn’t designed specifically for surveyors. Survey Booker is designed for surveyors and works out of the box.


Would you recommend Survey Booker? 

Would I recommend Survey Booker? Absolutely. It has saved me a lot of time, it has enabled me to make more money and I think especially for small firms who find that they have a lot of time tied up in admin, it’s a no-brainer.

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