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Landview Surveyors is a RICS Regulated company offering Building Surveys, Homebuyer Reports and Valuations across Southern England, from the East Midlands down to Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, through Greater London and into Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Operating from a base in Surbiton and in regional offices, Landview have surveyors in Birmingham, Northampton, Aylesbury, Chelmsford, Battersea, Woking, Surbiton, Sutton, Catford, Chislehurst, Dover, Eastbourne and Chichester.

Key benefits:

  • Better customer experience
  • Invaluable time savings
  • 100% uplift in turnover
  • Removed need to recruit a larger admin team
  • Smooth transition in stages 
Who are you and Landview Surveyors?

My name is David from Landview surveyors we are a residential surveying practice mainly undertaking Private Client level two and three surveys across England.


What were the challenges you faced before Survey Booker?

The main challenge we faced before Survey Booker was the general administrative tasks which were mainly being conducted manually. This would slow down our response times to leads, slow down sending out terms or issuing a report.  


How does Survey Booker help you?

Since being a member of Survey Booker we’ve been able to reduce our response times to leads, sending terms, or even taking payment which I think is pivotal in a world where the public expect fast communication and transactions.


How much time have you saved on admin?

Time saved on admin is invaluable. It’s been the difference of not having to hire more admin staff than reasonably required.


How much have your sales grown?

Survey Booker has allowed us to respond to our client needs quicker. In turn we’ve been then able to focus more on the surveyor recruitment and therefore this has increased turnover by near 100%.


How has Survey Booker helped your engage customers?

Since being with Survey Booker, we’ve been able to seamlessly increase customer engagement. This is thanks mainly to the automated response templates. This means that the client is aware of what stage the process is at all times.


What have you been most impressed with?

For me it’s the support side of things which I’ve been most impressed with. It’s never easy to integrate a new system so to be able to do that at stages and seamlessly with minimal disruption was a big factor in making it a smooth transition for us.


Would you recommend Survey Booker?

I would definitely recommend Survey Booker to other surveying professionals. From our experience it’s been a contributing factor towards the company’s growth from a um from small trader practice to a medium-sized business with surveyors based throughout England. 

I would recommend it to any surveying professional whether that be small independent or larger corporate. And a thank you to Matt the support staff and and everyone else behind the scenes at Survey Booker. Looking forward to continually working with you in the future.

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