AHN Surveyors

AHN Surveyors an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors, regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), providing surveys and valuations of residential properties as well as other property services throughout North Devon and the Torridge District and the surrounding areas including Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton, Great Torrington, Holsworthy, South Molton and Ilfracombe.  

Key benefits:

  • Organisation
  • Time savings
  • Customer engagement
  • Sales growth
  • Ease of use
Who are you and AHN Surveyors?

My name’s Alex Hillman and I’m a chartered surveyor based in North Devon and my company is AHN Surveyors.


What were the challenges you faced before Survey Booker?

Prior to using the Survey Booker system, I was finding that I was spending almost more time on the administration side of my business rather than the actual surveying side of it. Survey Booker has helped to significantly reduce the amount of time that I spend on administration duties.


How does Survey Booker help you?

By placing everything on a central system, it just makes everything much more organised. I can see at what stages the jobs have been booked in, where I’m at with reports and whether or not there are any invoices outstanding.


How much time have you saved on admin?

I can honestly say that prior to using Survey Booker I was spending when in excess of an hour a day in carrying out administration duties. I probably now spend only around 20 minutes a day just because the systems are much more easier to use and much more organised.


How much have your sales grown?

Survey Booker has definitely helped my sales to grow. By having a simple link that attaches to my website, it enables people to obtain quotes almost instantly. 


How has Survey Booker helped your engage customers?

Survey Booker has certainly helped me to engage with clients as people like being kept in the loop at all stages of survey. So the client is informed once the survey is booked in and they can then download all their terms of engagement. They can see exactly the time and all the dates of when I’m going to that property. Once I’ve been there, I will notify them where they will again receive an email saying when they can expect to receive the reports, and it’s just such an easy system to use. They can message me at any time again, on the system and just the ease of use. It’s just made everything so much better.


What have you been most impressed with?

I think what has impressed me the most about Survey Booker is just how much time it has saved me and also how easy the systems are to use. 


Would you recommend Survey Booker?

I would definitely recommend Survey Booker to any company of any size. I would just like to say thank you to Matt and the rest of the team for any queries or any issues that I have. They’ve been so quick and so responsive and it’s just made my life much easier.

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