Manage quotes

Survey Booker can be used to manage quotes for all types of survey work. As well as standardised surveys, you can also add custom quotes for commercial and project work.

  • Add custom quotes
  • Set the type of payments
  • Submit terms

Quotes can be assigned to multiple contacts, properties and companies so you can view all quotes and active jobs related to any of your customers.

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Share with clients

Add contacts, companies and properties to your account. Set up quotes or jobs and assign one or multiple contacts, properties and companies to each one.

  • Contacts can view quotes from their account
  • Contacts can formally accept quotes
  • Online payments can be accepted

Contacts can also view shared documents such as proposals, plans and more.

Manage ongoing jobs

Quotes can be converted into jobs that can be managed through Survey Booker.

  • Add your own custom project stages
  • Assign one or multiple team members to a job
  • Set tasks and reminders for members of the team

The job, notes and tasks pages make it easy to communicate amongst your team and help ensure everyone is on the same page at all times. No task is forgotten and all updates are visible anywhere at any time.

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