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    Add the link to your quote form on the relevant pages of your website, email it out to customers or give to anyone who calls you. You can even fill out the form on your customers behalf whilst you’re speaking to them over the phone. This way you can let them know your quote and that they can make payment straight away from the activation email that arrives seconds later.

    You can collect customer quote search information and submit a manual quote if you prefer. Once your quote is submitted, your customer can make payment straight away if they’d like to go ahead.

    After your initial 3 month term you can cancel your subscription at any time. We just need 30 days notice. No strings attached.

    Very! You can upgrade or downgrade a monthly package at any time (or your annual package before it renews).

    Great! We love getting feedback so we can keep improving our service. We have an ongoing list of new features in the pipeline and are happy to add more.