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What can I expect on the demo?

What can I expect on the call?

Helpful Demo Questions

On an initial call, we'll run through any questions you have, discuss the challenges you are trying to solve and look at how you currently operate.

We'll then share our thoughts on the best plan for you and book in a demo so you can see exactly how it will work for you!
We'll have a screen share with you (and your team depending on your size) to show you how the system works and how it will streamline all the challenges we've discussed.

We'll run through questions you have as we go through the demo so you're 100% sure about how it will work for you.

You'll receive a registration link where you can quickly sign up.

We appreciate that you and your team are busy so we'll create your account and add in all your settings for you to help you get up and running more quickly.

We'll book in some onboarding calls to run through your account, help with any integrations and ensure you're comfortable using the system.

As soon as you want! We'll have your account details to you very quickly. From there, you can put through a few test jobs to get familiar with how it works and then go live.

We're on hand throughout to make sure all your questions are answered. You'll also have access to support guides and tours for every aspect of the system.

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