Making your survey and valuation reports more engaging

You’ve gone to all the effort of finding out what the customer wants to know from their report, you’ve spent time going through the property in-depth and you’ve invested time writing up all your findings for your customer to read through at their leisure.

You\’ve added:

  • Photos with annotations
  • Ratings or traffic light ratings
  • Descriptions of the issue
  • Different sections to break the report up
  • You might even have added links to videos that help describe or show the issue

But a report with tens of pages can still seem daunting to many people to read through. People with focus or attention issues can have issues focusing on reading and therefore taking your report in (or even your terms if they are small font and lengthy!).

Bionic Reading font

The bionic reading font allows you to make the start of the word bold which helps to speed up the processing of the words to make reading easier and faster. If you don’t find it helps it\’s not designed for you but it could really help potential customers.

We’ve discussed using this in your report, but you could consider other times people must read your content:

  • Emails
  • Terms of engagement
  • Blog posts
  • Your website

What else can you do?

It\’s always worth going back to your reports and considering how easy are they to follow?

Are they over 100+ pages? Can you simplify anything?

Are they text heavy? Could a picture paint a thousand words?

Are you describing something complex? Could a video be embedded or linked to?

What is the font like? Is it small and hard to read?

Layout – we’ve discussed this on our podcast. The same information presented differently can make a massive difference.

When did you last present a report to friends and family to provide their feedback on? Small changes to how you present your terms documents, emails and reports for different users makes a huge difference to how customers engage with them. It\’s important to regularly get feedback to make sure your communication and reports say what they need in a clear, easy, quick manner and is what makes the difference between a 4* service and a 5* service.

Try out their free converter today:

Making your survey and valuation reports more engaging

Youve gone tall the effort ofinding out what the customer wants tknow from their reportyouve spent time going through the property indepth and youve invested time writing uall your findings for your customer tread through atheir leisure.

Youve added:

  • Photos with annotations
  • Ratings or traffic light ratings
  • Descriptions othe issue
  • Different sections tbreak the report up
  • You might even have added links tvideos that help describe oshow the issue

But a report with tens opages can still seem daunting tmany people tread throughPeople with focus oattention issues can have issues focusing oreading and therefore taking your report i(oeven your terms ithey are small font and lengthy!).

Bionic Reading font

Imay sound gimmicky from the titleBut have you ever considered using a different fontWdiscussed ia previous post about using the dyslexie font for customers who struggle with dyslexiaThis isn’t a new idea but more options like this are coming tmarket that can help customers engage with you ia different way.

The bionic reading font allows you tmake the start othe word bold which helps tspeed uthe processing othe words tmake reading easier and fasterIyou don’t find ihelps itnot designed for you but icould really help potential customers.

Weve discussed using this iyour reportbut you could consider other times people must read your content:

  • Emails
  • Terms oengagement
  • Blog posts
  • Your website

What dthe creators say?

The creators oBionic Reading claim that iipossible with their font tool tread more quickly and retain information better: “Bionic Reading revises texts sthat the most concise parts owords are highlighted,” the Swiss companywebsite reads. “This guides the eye over the text and the brain remembers previously learned words more quickly.”

What else can you do?

Italways worth going back tyour reports and considering how easy are they tfollow?

Are they over 100+ pagesCan you simplify anything?

Are they text heavyCould a picture paint a thousand words?

Are you describing something complexCould a video bembedded olinked to?

What ithe font likeIismall and hard tread?

Layout – weve discussed this oour podcastThe same information presented differently can make a massive difference.

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